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This program has been established based on scientific principles of nutrition and therapeutic diet by Negar Boloorforooshan  and has begun its activities in Iranmehr hospital  since 1385.The ‘Shapers’ fitness program has been designed for all ages and with extensive researches to reach ideal weight and cure variety of diseases(blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure, variety of digestive diseases and fatty liver, heart diseases, increase the metabolism for adults, specialized nutrition for children and critical care and diets(critical conditions and traffic accidents).)Counting daily food calories is used for keeping fit.

You can easily calculate the ideal weight and daily calorie needs in ‘Shapers’ fitness program.

You are also given food calories list and you reach your ideal weight without needing to omit any food groups. You are going to increase/decrease one kilogram a week in this program. You are also going to be given sport activity program. There are diet cooking recipes in this program and also members are let to know all nutrition and therapeutic diets researches and daily articles which would be given too.

You would be weighed three times in the first month and given different kinds of food programs.

It takes at least two months to get the result (6-8 kilograms weight loss or be cured). The first package includes many types of tests, notes, sport CD, psychology and food calories list. Nutrition experts offer you herbal slimming pills and slimming massage in case of needing them. Contact us if you would like to order the first package or have a consulting appointment.


Shaper fitness program’s founders introduction

Negar Boloorforooshan is a Therapeutic Diets Specialist and Nutritionist. She is a U.S. born citizen and completed her studies in America. Presently she is a member of the Medical Council and the Director of Shapers Fitness Clinic in Tehran, IRAN. With ten years of clinical experience as the Nutrition Head of Iran Mehr hospital, she developed the Shapers Diet Plan. Negar is the author of several books on nutrition  and performs as the speaker on nutritional news & guidelines in Radio Salamat.

Coworkers: Mahsa Afrasiabi, Rashin Vahidirad