Child Nutrition

Boy/Girl’s height calculation
Apart from the genetic factors, nutrition plays a vital role in childrens’ growth. Sufficient Calcium intake along with various kinds of Protein have a significant impact on a child’s height (up to 12 cm). Therefore it is recommended to include 3 mugs of dairy, liver, lentils, almonds, broccoli, dates, orange juice and apricots daily in your child’s diet. Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Proteins are essential for a normal growth in children.
Two vital children’s physical and mental growth elements
Zinc is one of the most important minerals for children’s growth. It also plays a significant role in healing scars from injuries and enhances their appetite. Below is a list of the Zinc content in 100 grams of various Zinc-rich foods: –  yoghurt: 2.2. Mg –  raisins: 3 Mg – white meat: – Liver: 4 Mg – Beans: 3.5 Mg – Pistachios: 1.6 Mg Iron is another vital mineral in that it is essential for the production of red blood cells. Many children between ages 1 to 6 are found to be anemic. Hence, it is of great importance to provide them with Iron rich foods at this age range. Iron promotes physical and mental growth in children. Below is a list of the Iron content in 100 grams of various Iron-rich foods: – Liver: 20 Mg – Red meat: 3.5 Mg – Wheat bran: 4.5 Mg – Pistachios: 6.5 Mg – Lentil: 3.5 Mg – Spinach: 6.5 Mg – Apricot: 1.5 Mg – Raisins: 3.5 Mg. Do note that generally the Iron found in animal products is absorbed faster than the Iron in plants. For a better absorption of Iron, it is advised to use Vitamin C ( such as orange juice) with meals and avoid having dairy along with meals.
Growth rate of 1-6 years old child
Age                                                       height growth                                       around head growth ۱-۳ years old                                       ۱ cm per month                                    ۰.۲۵ cm ۴-۶ years old                                        ۳ cm per year                                       ۱ cm per year In the above respect, one of the most potentially useful nutrients is a bone extract prepared by boiling sheep’s cannon bone for 8-10 hours over low temperature. let it cool. Remove the fat. Add 2 teaspoons of this extract to each daily meal. The extract can be refrigerated and is usable for up to 3 days.