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Omega3 and Menopause
Due to the deficiency of female hormones in postmenopausal women, they confront higher risk factors in having heart diseases, cardiovascular failures, osteoporosis and depression. Daily intake of Omega3 is a great help in reducing blood lipids and blood pressure. it also aids in balancing  hormones and therefore reduces menopausal symptoms such as: sleeping problems, weight gain and hot flashes. The daily consumption of Omega3 acts like an anti-depressant as well as a hormone therapy aid. Omega3 rich foods are: walnuts, soybean, sesame oil and fish oil.
Fish oil effects on heart diseases
Researches have shown that the continuous use of fish and fish oil reduces heart attacks, strokes and Cardiovascular failures. Daily use of fish oil reduces the vessel’s inflammation, triglyceride, blood pressure and delays arterial narrowing and Atherosclerosis. It is recommended for healthy people to use fatty fish twice a week and for those with heart disease to use fish oil daily. It is advised to use 1gr EPA+DHA(free fatty acids in fish oil) a day for patients with heart diseases.
Green tea and Constipation relief
Green tea is considered an herbal medicine which helps cure constipation to a great extent. It causes “good” bacteria growth in the intestines. These “good” and beneficial bacterias balance and adjust  the intestines’ movements and make them become more resistant to infections. Furthermore, they accelerate the digestion process of foods. Daily use of Green tea will effect the stool, so that it will have a less foul smell.
Apple and Constipation prevention
Apples are an excellent constipation prevention source as they are very rich in fiber. Apples contain a high amount of Pectin which increases the volume of stool. Pectin causes water to be absorbed in the colon and results in  the prevention as well as curing of constipation. It also helps smoothen the stool, hence prevents intestinal bleedings. Apples are considered a significant aid for diabetic patients. To treat constipation, it is recommended to have an apple at the start of your day and one before bedtime.
Fat reduction
In Shapers Fitness Method, we  are opposed to  all “quick-fix”, one-ingredient  and unbalanced dietary schemes. We strongly believe that no nutritionist would approve of omitting a food group, since such practices are not only unhealthy but they are totally impractical. In case of thigh and bottom obesity; avoid salt. Omit salty cheese, pickled cucumbers and olives, canned foods such as corn, tuna, green beans, etc…, all kinds of condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, dressings and ketchup as well as salted nuts, chips and pretzels from your diet. Salty foods cause water retention and result in cellulites. To get rid of cellulites on the thighs and bottom; we recommend 5 radishes plus one grapefruit daily for a period of 40 days. In case of fat problem in the abdomine and flank area ; stop having white rice and pasta for a month and replace them with whole grain breads such as oat. It is also important to stay away from foods containing  white sugar, such as cakes, biscuits, milk chocolate, creamy sweets, candies, sugar cubes, commercial fruit juices and sodas. Substitute these sweets with healthy choices like nuts, raw vegetables, fruits, raisins and dates.
Weight loss: 2kg
Breakfast: 1 glass of water with lime, an apple and 5 almonds. Main meal: fish (the amount of one hand size) with a mug of carrot or 6 spoons brown rice and a mug of broccoli. Evening meal: a glass of celery juice with 10 zante currants and an apple. Dinner: 6 spoons boiled lentil or a mug of tomato soup. Before going to bed : a glass of chicory juice.
Interesting Diet and Nutritional tips of the year 2015
– Caveman Diet promises a 2 Kg weight loss per week. In this diet;  rice, breads and dairy are omitted and it emphasizes on having different kinds of meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts. – ۳۰ day Detox Diet recommends having vegetables and fruits to accelerate the metabolism rate( by 10 percent) – Having fruits after 2 p.m. promotes weight gain. – Alkaline Diet recommends consumption of greater amounts of fruits and vegetables. The idea is that when the blood PH becomes more Alkaline, the physical body becomes much more healthy. – The best food after sports sessions,  physical activity and exercise is Greek yoghurt. – Mixture of water and lime or lemon juice before breakfast helps weight loss. – A 3-day detox diet after vacations helps get rid of accumulated toxics as a result of unhealthy vacation nutritional habits.
Daily Protein Requirement
The daily needed protein is 1 gram of protein for each kilogram of weight. As a guide, following is a list of  the amount of protein content in some nutrients: ۱ chicken fillet : 8-10 grams ۱ chicken leg: 7 grams ۱ egg: 5 grams ۱ mug of milk/yoghurt: 8 grams ۱۵-۲۰ pieces of nuts: 3-5 grams ۱ mug of spinach: 2 grams bread (palm-size) or 5 spoons of cooked rice: 2 grams ۱ medium piece of skewered kebab(red meat) or grilled chicken or stewed meat: 7 grams ۱ match box-sized of cheese or stewed meat: 7 grams Piece of palm-sized fish: 7-10 grams