– Limit red meat consumption to twice a week.

– Omit saturated fats ( mayonnaise, butter, solid oil).

– Use fat-free or low-fat dairy ( upto 1.5 % fat ).

– Cream, ice cream and kaymak are forbidden.

– Omit internal animal parts completely, such as; liver, kidney, heart and khash ( boiled sheep or cow feet/head). Stomach is allowed in your diet.

– Sweets, chocolates and nuts are to be avoided.

– Limit fried foods to the maximum.

– In cooking rice, use one tablespoon of unsaturated oil per each cup of rice.

– Use more Fiber (whole grain bread, beans, vegetables ).

– Maximum consumption of egg yolks are to be limited to twice weekly.

– Have 25 grams of soybean daily ( soybeans contain Sterol ).

Drink a glass of carrot juice and apple juice daily(200 calories) OR a glass of celery juice (40 calories).

– Use garlic or garlic capsules/cubes in your cooking.

– Limit cholestrol intake to 200 grams per day. Use the following list (based on 30 grams) as your cholestrol guide:

* Red meat : 24-27 Mg of cholestrol

* Chicken : 23 MG of cholestrol

* Fish: 18-21 Mg of cholestrol

* Shrimp: 150-180 Mg of cholestrol.

* Butter: 90 Mg of cholestrol

* Cream: 40 Mg of cholestrol

* Egg yolk : 500 Mg of cholestrol

* All plant based foods are considered cholestrol free.