– Reduce consumption of simple sugars ( jams, candies, sugar cubes, white sugar…).

– Replace simple sugar with sweet fruits ( dried berries, raisins, dried figs…).

– Increase intake of Fiber ( whole grain breads, vegetables, beans ).

– Reduce fatty foods.

– Replace saturated fats ( like butter ) with unsaturated fats ( like olive oil and grape seed oil ).

– Take Omega3 (W3) supplements.

– Increase meals to upto 6 times a day, but reduce the amount of each meal.

– Include snacks in-between two of your daily meals, especially before bedtime. A recommended snack consists of a combination of protein and carbohydrate, such as; a small piece of bread with 15 grams od cheese.

– Work out on a daily basis ( walking, hiking, stretching ).

– Take a small teaspoon full of cinnamon daily.