– Avoid following foods:

*Carbonated drinks, seasonings and tursu (lemon, lime), alcoholic drinks, aspirin, un-cooked fruits and vegetables (salads), orange and grapefruit juice, Chocolate, chips, cheese snacks, fried food, Legumes (lentils, beans ).

– Lower consumption of tea and coffee.

– Recommended foods are:

*Grilled chicken, mutton or fish chunks and kebab, yoghurt, canned fruits.

* take Omega3 supplements to reduce inflammation.

* In cases of stomach scars resulting in bleeding, consume foods with high levels of Vitamin Bs, such as; potato, fish, milk and egg – and – have iron-rich foods, such as; bread, meat, fish and egg.

* Make sure to chew your food thoroughly and have smaller meals while increasing your meal counts. ( eat little and eat often)