Proper nutrition on vacation not only keeps the weight balanced but also makes people fresh and brings them more energy. To have enough energy and feel more fresh use vegetables such as carrot, celery, bell pepper, spinach, sweet basil, parsley, radish, tarragon, leek, spearmint, cress, sweet fennel  and Scallion on vacation. It is recommended to have a vitamin C and an Omega3 supplement a day.

Consider these tips while you are on vacation or on a trip:

  1. Avoid having junk food such as chips and chetoos ,and having cakes and chocolates.
  2. If you would like to have nuts, having 10-15 of them a day and in case of having fruits,3 fruits a day are enough.
  3. Have a walk in the spring air for about 20-30 minutes every day even when you are on a trip.
  4. Avoid having kebab and Jujeh Kebab if you go to Iranian restaurants and in case of going to fast-food restaurants  have salad without sauce or have maximum 3 pizza slices without cokes and fries.
  5. When you go to cafes, drink a milk coffee but have no cake and ice cream.
  6. Have 2-3 dry biscuits a day instead of having creamy cake.
  7. Two eggs with a loaf of bread in amount of a hand is the best breakfast you can have.

Examples of a low calorie lunch and dinner

Jujeh Kebab or 5 pieces of Kebab with yoghurt in amount of a mug (500 calories)

Fish in amount of a hand with salad in amount of a mug (500 calories)

Steak in amount of half of a hand and a boiled potato (400 calories)

A chicken leg with salad in amount of a mug (400 calories)

۳ slices of vegetables pizza without sauce (450 calories)

۲۰ cm of chicken or roast beef sandwich without white sauce (450 calories)

Chicken salad (for fast foods) with a lime and without white sauce (400 calories)