One of the most sold nutrition books of the year 2011 is ” our body 4″ by Ferris.

* The book introduces many weight-loss methods. Some of the approaches mentioned in this book include:

– Apart from the 8-hour night sleep, take a 20 minute nap, 6 times a day to adjust your metabolism.

– Omit or largely limit intake of white bread, rice, potato and pasta.

– Drink 2 glasses of sour grape juice nightly.

– Permitted vegetables on this diet are spinach, broccoli, peas and cauliflower, while other vegetables are to be avoided.

  • – For dairy, a match-sized portion of cheese is recommended per day.

– This diet proposes drinking a very cold glass of water before each meal.

The writer claims that one can loose 8-10 Kg in a 30 day period by going on this diet. This diet is not recommended for a period of more than a month as it is not a balanced nutritional plan.

– Sleep is a highlighted issue on this program. One will have a better quality sleep by practicing proper nutritional tips. Magnesium is one of the effective minerals to adjust one’s sleep pattern. Raisins, vegetables and leafy greens contain more magnesium than other foods. The following nutrients are recommended before going to bed: One spoon of sesame seeds, a glass of warm milk an hour before bed-time and a spoon of honey. Honey contains glutamic acid which is an anti-stress component.

– Acai berry herbal  pills are one of the most recent slimming supplements in North America. This supplement contains substracts of a forest fruit ( acai berry) and white tea. Acai is native to Brazil and Africa and possesses 10 times more antioxidants than grapes which accelerates the metabolism rate. This means that the body can burn up an extra 80 calories daily. Furthermore it has appetite-suppressant properties and  since it contains special proteins and essential fatty acids, it is considered to generate a feeling of being full. White tea contains caffeine and catkin which have fat burning properties. It is advised to drink white tea twice daily and in between meals.